Multimodal transport

Multimodal transport

By using an efficient combination of rail, motor, sea, and air transport we manage to provide the Client with optimal deadlines and carriage costs. Moreover, multimodal transportation allows us to get access to any remote and arduous point of the world. Our company has a very big experience in multimodal cargo transportation, that is why this business area is one of the most important, averaging for more than 50% of all the shipments performed by the Company.


As for the transportation of oversized and overweight cargoes, we can offer an integrated solution of the problem. Multimodal cargo transportation allows us to select the optimal way of delivery, reducing your transportation costs to a minimum.

Providing high quality services is based on the knowledge of domestic and international transportation markets, specific ports in the world, contracts with various shipping lines, road, railway and container transport companies, allowing us to perform the transportation with the combined types of transport on "Door-to-Door" terms.


We have succeeded to develop a number of logistic chains, aimed to optimize cargo delivery by using various kinds of transport. We are able to work out new options for delivering your cargo, furthermore, we can optimize already existing supply chains.



Rail transport


We offer full service of rail freight forwarding:

  • Cargo transportation in 20’ and 40’ sea containers;
  • Cargo transportation in 20’ and 40’ railway containers;
  • Cargo transportation in standard covered railcars;
    in high-capacity railcars varying from 158 m³ to 240 m³;
    in thermo-type railcars of 918 and 800 series;
  • Cargo transportation of oversized and overweight (“out-of-gauge”/OOG) cargo. In particular, we can offer You platform-type rail transporters (Type 3912, Model 14063). The cargo-carrying capacity of such unit is 120 tons;
  • Railage (r/w tariff payment) across the territories of the Baltic States, CIS and Central Asia.

We offer qualified transportation of goods by sea from / to any country of the world through the ports of Riga, Klaipeda, Kotka, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerpen, Gent, Zeebrugge, Le Havre, etc. Our company has special service contracts with the biggest container lines, as well as big network of agents in Europe, USA, CIS, Central Asia and Far East countries, allowing us to provide our customers with the most favorable conditions: quick terms of delivery, good conditions of carriage and, of course, price.


  CF&S railway projects (PDF)



Sea transport


We provide full range of services related to the cargo transportation by sea, which includes:

  • Cargo carriage by using 20', 20'High-Cube (HC), 40', 40'High-Cube (HC), 45’containers, as well as pallet-wide (PW) and side-loading (curtainsiders) containers; moreover, we transport oversized and overweight (“out-of-gauge”/OOG) cargoes by using special 20’ & 40’ Flat Rack (FR) and 20’ & 40’ Open Top (OT) containers. We also perform port forwarding operations;
  • Multimodal (container/truck, container/railcar, etc.) cargo transportation through the ports of Riga, Klaipeda, Kotka, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerpen, Gent, Zeebrugge, Le Havre, etc.;
  • General cargo carriage, including the delivery of bulk goods and loose cargoes as well as equipment, machinery, oversized and overweight (“out-of-gauge”/OOG) cargoes;
  • Vessels’ chartering;
  • Cargo forwarding in the ports, organizing and conducting independent assessments of quality and quantity of goods, cargo receipt, its storage and handling in the ports, vessels’ loading / unloading, preparation of export / import documents.

Shipping the cargo by sea, we can provide the Client with the most cost-effective cargo delivery from the most distant point in the world.

Road transport

Road transport

The main directions of company-owned transport are: Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.


We have the following advantages:

  • Modern and extensive truck fleet – tautliners and frigo semi-trailers;
  • All vehicles are regularly diagnosed in the authorized service centers and work shops (DAF & VOLVO);
  • All our drivers are top-level experts;
  • Cargo tracking at any stage with the help of modern navigation;
  • Professional approach to haulage of any type.


All of the above guarantee high quality performance of our work as well as prompt resolution of any issues raised.

Ships agency

Ships agency

CF&S is at the service of all ship-owners and charterers in all ports of Latvia 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Ship-owners and charterers may rely on us for fast and efficient handling of their cargo and ships.


CF&S handles ships in all largest ports of Latvia - Riga, Ventspils, Liepaja, Salacgriva, Skulte and Mersrags.


CF&S exhibits ample experience in providing agency services for different types of vessels, like river-sea type vessels, huge bulkers, military vessels, passenger and cruise vessels, modern high speed catamarans and ro-ro vessels.


Our services include the following:

  • reservation of berth in port
  • ordering of pilot
  • clearance of vessels upon approach, and departure or in roads
  • arrangement of immigration and customs control
  • bunkering
  • crew replacement both in port and in roads
  • ordering of ship supplies
  • arrangement and supervision of loading and unloading operations
  • transmission of operative information to customer
  • documentation 

Groupage cargo

Groupage cargo

The range of our professional activities is very wide – from sending parcel post packages to loading packaged machines.


We use the rolling stock of our own as well as our network of partners throughout the entire Europe, which provides for a timely service necessary to meet the demands of our customers.


Wide spectrum of services:

  • Shipment of cargoes from/to UK, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France and other European countries – to the Baltic countries on a weekly basis.
  • We offer warehousing and sorting jobs to our clients, implying transshipment and storage; to that end, we use the warehouse of our own located in Riga.
  • Door-to-door cargo delivery and distribution.


Be your cargo large or small – we are ready to offer you the most convenient terms of transportation in various directions, fairly priced.

Air transport

Air transport

As cargo sales agent CF&S arranges air transport in cooperation with:

  • most major airlines in the world
  • all airlines having connection with Riga airport

CF&S team, having years of experience in the air transport management, finds suitable solution for you.


In addition to the usual day-to-day regular services both for exports and imports CF&S provides transport by chartered plane (air charter), on board courier and timely guaranteed delivery services.

With a worldwide network of partners, we offer door-to-door services covering more than 170 countries with over 1200 destinations.

In addition our professional and dedicated staff can organize air freight of following goods:

  • hazardous
  • temperature-sensitive
  • oversized loads
  • high-valued (precious metals, jewelry, money)

CF&S will fly your cargo safely to its final destination.

Own rolling stock

Own rolling stock

80´railway platforms of model 23-469-07

60´railway platforms of model 13-935A-04

  • platforms of 24- and 18,4 meters long are equipped with wooden floor and are intended to carry wheeled/crawler machinery, heavy-weight containers, long-length and oversized cargo by rail

closed wagons/boxcars model 11-7038 and 11-2135-01

  • the boxcar is intended for transportation of goods within the railway network of Ukraine, the CIS and Baltic states
  • the boxcar capaciousness takes up to 25% more volume then the standard wagon (150 m3)
  • it is also possible to transport motor cars and minibuses with the height not expanding 2,7 m
  • the boxcar is more practical for transportation of light and volume goods
  • in addition to the Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania railways, all wagons have a permit to operate on Finnish, CIS countries and Central Asian railways;
  • all wagons can be rented on daily/monthly basis or given into short-term usage on a single route (technical trip)


  Own Rolling-Stock Presentation (PDF)

Warehousing & distribution

Warehousing & distribution

In addition to traditional warehouse services, we offer the following service:


  • customs warehouse
  • customs terminal
  • goods / sorting / labeling / assembly
  • loading and unloading
  • distribution


Continuous market research, innovative thinking and customer-oriented approach ensure our competitiveness.


CF&S contributes to renewable energy solutions


We are pleased to announce about our participation in supporting renewable energy solutions in the Baltic States ...